The Fool's Journey: How to read with the Major Arcana tarot cards

Learn what the Major Arcana cards are telling you | taught by Inger Braathen-Moran
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In this course, you will learn what the meaning is in all 22 major arcana tarot cards. You will learn what situations the cards describe and what energies are in play.

Inger Braathen-Moran
Inger Braathen-Moran
Tarot Instructor

After 19 years of loving the Tarot, I am now sharing my most valuable Tarot reading tool: A style of reading the tarot I call 'Arrows of the Celtic Cross'. This method can be used in all tarot spreads, and it is takes away the 'getting stuck' in a tarot reading moment many tarot readers fear. This method will in my opinion take your readings to the next level, and even for people who have never read the tarot before, be able to read tarot professionally. I love working with tarot as a profession, and also as a tool for self-development. I can never get tired of tarot. Tarot is like a friend to me. It is an Oracle that always listens and if you listen back; will help you understand how you can change your life for the better. The tarot will be there for you every step of the way! I will teach you how you can have a personal relationship with each and every card, and let the Tarot become your Great Teacher!